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Our French-made bookmarks are 24-carat gold, on a pewter and brass base. The entire bookmark is gilded in a bath by galvanization. The bookmark is then patinated in the old fashioned way to bring out the details of each model.


They can be an exceptional gift or delight lovers of reading. They decorate the books while helping you not to lose the page over your readings.

The bookmark is suitable for adults and children aged 7 and over.
The rod is approximately 14 cm long (placed inside the book), the design is 1 cm to 4 cm wide (placed on the binding of the book), it weighs between 15 and 24 grams.

The bookmark also called a bookmark adapts to various book formats: novel, paperback, manga, dictionary, school book, codes...

We also offer Electric Essential Oil Scent Diffuser Lamps.

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